Ensure correct product placement, improve
and optimise costs

Ailet Retail Platform
Challenges in Retail
  • Low control
    Low visibility and management control of execution processes in stores in real-time
  • Lost sales
    Misplaced products, out-of-stock occurrences, incorrect pricing or missing price tags
  • Hard to scale
    Manual audit: time consuming, high-cost, low coverage, no real-time execution guidelines
  • Low accuracy
    Inaccurate store audit data due to human errors, untimely and inaccurate corrective actions by in-store teams
Key benefits
  • Real-time analytics
    Data-driven decisions and management control right on time. Accessing daily and accumulated store data through BI dashboards and customisable reporting
  • Increased sales
    2-4% revenue increase due to streamlined planogram compliance, on-shelf availability and correct pricing
  • Precise in-store execution
    Empowered in-store teams with
    at-the-shelf instructions on how to achieve targeted KPIs in product placement and pricing
  • High data accuracy
    Automated data collection and 97% product recognition accuracy to support your data-driven decisions

Transparent shelf analytics, precise product placement

and correct pricing

Planogram compliance
Enabling planogram compliance at scale
with AI-powered shelf layout control. Enhance the effectiveness of your in-store teams with real-time instructions to correct product placement errors
On-shelf availability
Ensuring the product your customer wants to buy is available at the right place, right time and quantity. Create agile, responsive in-store teams with at-the-shelf actionable insights and
real-time analytics
Price execution
Driving sales and improving customer loyalty with
IR price execution control. Receive real-time notifications on missing price tags, incorrect pricing, and optimize time on the price check
Auto-detection of OSA metrics, transparency of IR analytics and clear execution guidelines for your teams
Boosting revenue and customer satisfaction by setting shelves layout according to planograms
Holistic dashboards and easy-to-read visualization of analytical real-time in-store data