+10-15% increase in
Perfect Store score & automated price monitoring

A new standard for a home care and personal care products global leader

A global leader in home care and personal care products sought to improve its retail execution within Modern Trade channels, facing challenges with raw data on prices and retail execution efficiency.

The corporation aimed to refine its retail strategy by incorporating accurate, real-time data on pricing and shelf placement. The goal was to enhance visibility, optimize shelf presence, and ensure competitive pricing across all retail outlets.

Key initiatives

To overcome those challenges, the company relied on Ailet for a comprehensive solution. They implemented retail execution basics with a focus on prices raw data and integrated BrandBlocks for superior shelf management. All those initiatives implied:

  • Leveraging Ailet’s technology for advanced data collection and analysis, focusing on on-shelf prices and product positioning.
  • Utilizing BrandBlocks to ensure optimal placement of point-of-sale materials.
  • Gaining insights from over 70,000 visits per month for transparent, actionable on-shelf data.


The whole process brought significant improvements in the company's retail execution efforts:

  • A notable increase in the PS score by 10 to 15%, reflecting enhanced retail performance.
  • Access to a wide scope of data on on-shelf prices, facilitating more informed pricing strategies.
  • Comprehensive and transparent on-shelf data derived from extensive visits, enabling better decision-making and execution control.

Powered by Ailet's revolutionary technology, the company achieved significant advancements in its commercial processes, setting a new standard for retail execution within the home and personal care industry.