Price Monitoring

Gain market insights and access real-time pricing data for your brand and competitors

Key Benefits

60% reduction in price monitoring costs
High monitoring coverage of various categories and assortment
Real-time insights into competitors’ product prices & promotions

97% price recognition accuracy

Cover x2 more stores in less time
with mass price tag recognition

  • prices for your brands
  • regular and promo prices
  • competitor's prices

How does it work?


A User takes a photo of the shelf with Ailet app


Regular and promo prices are recognized instantly


Collected pricing data analytics are available for the management team

Discover market trends on time and gain competitive advantage with real-time pricing data

Simplify current market pricing analysis with embedded BI tools

  • pricing data for various retailers
  • track price dynamics and monitor competition
  • access the price distribution and verify it shelf photo confirmation
  • compare regular and promo prices, calculate discount depth

No need to capture each price tag separately. Just take a photo of the shelf and AI will do the rest

Simplify price monitoring with IR-assisted mobile app.
Use in-app guidelines to ensure precision in monitoring task execution


Select the store


Select the task


Take a picture of the shelf


Price monitoring completed!

Ailet solution easily integrates into your workflow

Direct sales

Streamlined audit and efficient workforce

Outsource agency

Control how your price monitoring is carried out externally

Distributors and Retailers

Monitor your partner's performance

Find out how to achieve merchandising excellence

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Receive comprehensive pricing data for your business from a single data source with advanced AI-powered price monitoring solutions

Accelerate sales growth with IR Solutions

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