Enhancing Market Presence: A Food Manufacturer's Journey in LATAM

In 2023, a prominent consumer food products manufacturer in Latin America took a significant step forward by partnering with Ailet to enhance its retail strategies. Recognizing the need to elevate its market presence and operational efficiency, the company implemented Ailet's solutions for shelf execution and price monitoring.

Key initiatives

This strategic initiative centered on two main components: improving on-shelf availability (OSA) and monitoring competitor pricing. By focusing on these areas, the company was able to significantly increase its OSA, ensuring that more products were available to customers when and where they needed them. This improvement in product availability was crucial in meeting consumer demand and boosting customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the company achieved an increased share of shelf, a key indicator of how its product assortment stacks up against competitors. By utilizing Ailet's sophisticated price monitoring tools, the company could not only track its own pricing strategies but also gain insights into how competitors priced their products. This intelligence allowed for more dynamic pricing strategies and helped the company maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Overall, these enhancements led to a stronger market position, improved customer perceptions and contributed to better sales outcomes, marking a transformative year for the company in its operational tactics and market approach.