Distillery Boosts Edge with Real-Time Price Monitoring

One of the world's largest family-owned spirits companies, with a market presence in around 170 countries, recently embarked on a strategic initiative to optimize its pricing strategy in the retail sector through Ailet's innovative Price Monitoring in Retail with IR service. This move was driven by the need to harness real-time insights into pricing dynamics and promotional execution, crucial elements in maintaining competitive edge in the global spirits market.

Key initiatives

The implementation of this technology enabled the company to gain several significant benefits. First, it provided access to accurate, real-time data on product availability and pricing directly from the retail shelves. This visibility allows the company to respond swiftly to market changes and align their pricing strategies accordingly. Secondly, the tool facilitated a comprehensive comparison of prices with competitors, ensuring that the company’s pricing strategy remains both competitive and profitable. Additionally, the real-time monitoring of promotional executions has empowered the company to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing promotional strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize them.


From the perspective of their Merchandising Agency, the insights gained through Ailet's solution influenced key operational aspects such as adjusting sales commissions and reinforcing vendor relationships. This strategic alignment not only enhanced operational efficiencies but also solidified the company’s market position, leveraging advanced technology to maintain its legacy in a highly competitive industry.