Enhancing On-Shelf Availability in Animal Health with Data Integration

In 2023, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally, consistently ranking in the top five by revenue, made significant strides in enhancing its Animal Health business unit through a collaboration with Ailet. This partnership was strategically focused on integrating and optimizing data management to bolster market insights, strategy development, and sales monitoring.

Key initiatives

The main challenge faced by the Animal Health division was the integration of vast amounts of data into a coherent dashboard. This platform was essential for providing comprehensive market insights that would inform strategic decision-making processes and improve sales performance. Ailet's solution facilitated this integration, creating a unified view that enabled the company to analyze market trends and adjust strategies promptly.

One of the most notable achievements from this initiative was the marked improvement in On-Shelf Availability (OSA). Prior to the implementation of Ailet's technology, the company relied heavily on manual data collection methods, which were susceptible to human error and often resulted in inaccurate shelf inventory data. With Ailet's advanced data solutions, the company significantly increased its product availability on shelves, ensuring that customers had more consistent access to crucial animal health products.


This transformation not only streamlined operations but also positioned the pharmaceutical giant to better meet customer demands and maintain its leadership in the competitive global market.