+10% increase in product on-shelf availability (OSA)

Long-standing heritage food and agriculture company

A renowned company, with a long-standing heritage in producing a diverse range of vegetables, including canned, frozen, fresh-cut, and processed, faced the challenge of optimizing its retail execution within Modern Trade environments. Their main concern was to enhance the basics of retail execution, particularly in monitoring prices and collecting raw data effectively.

To address these challenges, the company sought a comprehensive solution that could provide real-time insights into on-shelf product availability and retail execution performance, therefore enabling better control and management of its products in retail chains.

Key initiatives

The company selected Ailet as their technology partner to revolutionize their retail execution strategy. In this sense, the main focus was on:

  • Leveraging Ailet’s technology to gain online access to accurate on-shelf data, facilitating immediate adjustments and decisions.
  • Implementing systems for extensive monitoring of on-shelf prices, ensuring competitive positioning within the market.


The collaboration with Ailet permitted significant improvements in sales operations and retail execution:

  • An increase in on-shelf product availability by 5 to 10 percentage points, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales potential.
  • Achieved a high level of control over execution in retail chains, ensuring consistent brand presence and visibility.
  • Enabled online access to accurate on-shelf data and a wide scope of on-shelf prices, empowering the company with actionable insights for strategic decisions.

Through these strategic initiatives, the company not only improved its retail execution but also strengthened its market position, demonstrating the value of embracing innovative technology solutions in Modern Trade.