Enabling Planogram Compliance

Full-scope solution for precise product placement, merchandising excellence and process transparency


Key Benefits

Increase store sales

Increase store sales up to 2-4%

Drive customer loyalty with precise product placement and improved on-shelf availability

Optimize operational costs

Automated shelf data collection, minimised human error and improved store-team effectiveness. 50% less time and resources spent on in-store execution

Increase margin

Increase margin

Fill available eye-level shelf space with the most profitable and popular items to maximize sales opportunities

Receive real-time analytics

Transparent analytics on key retail metrics down to a single SKU. Review and compare sales data with planogram compliance metrics in stores

Streamline planogram compliance and monitor execution results in real time

Streamline planogram compliance
Import your perfect planogram

1. Plan

Import your perfect planogram into the Ailet system to enable automatic compliance checks.

You can also use our help to generate targeted planogram from scratch, based on a shelf photo or design.

Ensure precise product placement

2. DO

Ensure precise product placement execution by your in-store teams with automated planogram/realogram compliance check.

  • at-the-shelf instructions on how to reach targeted compliance rate
  • AI-guided photo capture
  • ~97% product recognition accuracy


Track and control planogram compliance rate for the entire Retail chain in real-time via Ailet Web Portal.

Monitor in-store team performance and review photo confirmations of planogram compliance execution in stores.

Create reports and filter data by stores, store-team members, tasks and categories.

maximize sales

4. Act

Make proactive adjustments for the future to maximize sales, minimise inventory issues and out-of shelf occurrences.

Reveal correlation between planogram compliance rate and your sales data with Ailet BI-analytical dashboards.

Identify high- and low-selling items and how they are affected by product placement.

For your in-store teams

Improve planogram compliance rate with at-the-shelf execution guidelines

For your in-store teams

For your supervisors & management teams

Set tasks for in-store teams and track performance in real time

  • wide set of automatically calculated KPIs
  • uploading supporting images and files to the task
  • additional questions for the store-teams to answer while carrying out tasks
tasks for in-store teams
collected planogram data in real time

Review and analyze collected planogram data in real time

  • access planogram compliance rate calculations with shelf photo confirmations
  • filter data with the lowest and highest metrics percentage
  • create easily customizable reports
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Success Story

1 000+


4 000+




50 000+


Success Story

One of our clients, a top 3 world's largest retail chains has achieved astonishing results just 6 weeks after launching with us.

Skyrocketing planogram compliance rate, jumping from 50% to 90% across 30 stores included in the pilot

Enable planogram compliance at retail scale today

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Success Stories

Top 3 world’s largest retail chains
Global retail giant
Coca Cola Andina
Leading confectionery manufacturer
Top 3 largest food and beverage company
Top 3 homecare brand
Global healthcare company
Leading baby food manufacturer
Top 5 roll paper manufacturing company
Perfetti Van Melle
Leading pet food manufacturer
Leading confectionery manufacturer
Leading processed vegetables producer
Classic coffee brand
Leading spirits company
Leading whiskey, cognac and wine producer
Premier coffee and tea manufacturer


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