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Revolutionizing Planogram Compliance and in-store execution:

A Game-Changing Case Study

In a remarkable tale of retail transformation, the story unfolds not just as an in-store automation initiative, but as a monumental achievement in enabling planogram compliance and elevating in-store execution on an unprecedented scale. This ambitious endeavor was unthinkable without the infusion of digitization and cutting-edge technology.

Picture this: one of the world’s largest retail chains, boasting an astounding network of 27,000 stores spanning supermarkets, convenient stores, and beauty shops, a vast array of 18 categories, and an inventory exceeding 50,000 SKUs. In the heart of this colossal retail landscape, a series of challenges loomed large:

The need to enhance planogram compliance


The aspiration to enable planogram compliance processes across all stores


The urgency to amplify on-shelf availability


The drive to optimize audits and improve store team efficiency

A game-changing collaboration between Ailet and the retail chain teams

The results achieved were nothing short of impressive, beginning with the pilot stage in the 1st quarter of 2022. This initial trial encompassed 20 stores, 3 categories, and a spectrum of 500 SKUs

The impact was staggering: planogram compliance rates surged from a modest 50% to an awe-inspiring 100%, translating into a remarkable 1,5% spike in sales compared to a relevant sample that didn’t integrate the Ailet Solution.
Imagine this transformation: what once took an average of an hour for store teams to meticulously arrange shelf layouts, with accuracy often falling below retail chain standards, was streamlined to a mere 15 minutes. The driving force behind this efficiency was the Ailet mobile app, guiding in-store employees through task execution, armed with comprehensive data on the precise planogram requirements for each category.

Integration with the stock level system

Ailet’s seamless integration with the retail chain’s stock level system further elevated the compliance calculation process. This can be summarized in the following 3 steps:

1 step

The employee captures a shelf photo using the Ailet app

2 step

The system computes the degree of non-compliance, flagging layout errors that demand correction – a missing product or a misplacement

3 step

The employee captures a shelf photo using the Ailet app

This wealth of in-store execution data, including planogram compliance, seamlessly flows to the Ailet portal in real-time, empowering management with actionable insights for swift stock level adjustments and preemptive avoidance of out-of-stock occurrences.

As the case unfolds, we fast forward to the 4th quarter of 2022 – the inception of Phase 1. The project’s canvas expands to encompass 1,000 stores, spanning 10 categories, and embracing over 20,000 SKUs.

Remarkably, planogram compliance rates consistently soar to an average of 85-90%, accompanied by a store revenue upswing of +1.5%. The journey doesn’t end here. The grand finale envisions expanding the project’s reach to a staggering 27,000 stores, housing over 50,000 SKUs. Exciting prospects await as the upcoming year ushers in new modules for price execution, including price tag availability, tag color, price type, and automated monitoring for tracking competitor prices and assortment.

In essence, this case is a testament to the astonishing strides achieved when people, process, and technology harmoniously converge. This compelling tale underlines the value that emerges when the right equilibrium is struck, illustrating how a masterful blend of ingenuity, strategy, and technology can orchestrate a symphony of success in the dynamic world of retail.

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