Shelf Audit

Automating shelf data collection
and providing SKU-level analytics in real time

Key Benefits

Reducing audit time by 40-60% per store visit

Reducing labor costs and increasing store coverage

Transparent information: Real-time analytics
on vital retail metrics

Automated store data collection and ~97% product recognition accuracy

Just a photo of the shelf and 20 seconds of your time.
Our system can provide real-time analytics on key retail metrics

How does it work?


A User takes a photo of the shelf


Images are processed
and recognized instantly


Real-time digital analytics are available for the management team

Simplify store audit with Ailet IR-assisted mobile app

Make every store visit count.
In-app guidelines for your audit teams on which tasks to perform on shelves at each location


Select the store


Select the audit task


Take a picture of the shelf


Audit completed!

Ailet solution easily integrates into your workflow

Direct sales

Streamlined audit and efficient workforce

Outsource audit agency

Control how your audit is carried out externally

Distributors and Retailers

Monitor your partner's performance

Review and analyze the current situation in stores via web Portal

  • access calculated retail metrics with photo confirmations from store visits
  • filter store visits with the lowest and highest metrics percentage
  • review retail metrics data on competitors products
  • create easily-customizable reports

Access real-time audit data with BI analytical dashboards

Review collected store analytics and filter data by:

  • retail metrics
  • country
  • region
  • retail chain
  • store type
  • store visit

Find out how to achieve merchandising excellence

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Improve shelf data quality and and increase store coverage in less time with AI-powered store audit solution

Accelerate sales growth with IR Solutions

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Success Stories

Coca Cola Andina
Perfetti Van Melle
Leading confectionery manufacturer
Top 3 homecare brand
Leading processed vegetables producer
Top 3 largest food and beverage company
Classic coffee brand
Leading spirits company
Global healthcare company
Leading confectionery manufacturer


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