Optimizing Retail Execution in Paper Industry

One of the foremost roll paper producers in Europe and the Middle East, serving over 80 countries across five continents, recently advanced its retail strategy by implementing Ailet's Retail Execution Basic. This move was designed to tackle persistent challenges in retail execution and enhance visibility in the highly competitive Modern Trade environment.

Key initiatives

The adoption of Ailet's solution has been pivotal for the company’s sales operations. By gaining deeper insights into critical KPIs such as on-shelf product availability and share of shelf, the company can now accurately assess how effectively its products are meeting the assortment standards expected by its diverse global customer base. This data-driven approach has been instrumental in understanding the level of product penetration and visibility on retail shelves.

Moreover, this initiative has enabled the company to align its assortment management and marketing strategies more closely with consumer demands. The enhanced ability to track product performance in real-time helps to ensure that their offerings are well-represented and optimally positioned across various markets, thus improving overall sales outcomes and strengthening their position.


This strategic enhancement in retail execution demonstrates the company's commitment to leveraging technology to meet the evolving demands of the global retail landscape.