Innovative solution improves planogram compliance in more than 300 leading stores


The retail environment presents constant challenges, such as the effective execution of in-store planograms to meet the commercial strategy and optimize management at the point of sale (POS). In LATAM, specifically in Chile, more than 300 stores of one of the world's leading retailers in various formats faced the need to evaluate planogram compliance in real time, correcting errors and avoiding stock breaks to increase sales in the audited categories.

Key initiatives

To address these challenges, a daily planogram compliance measurement system was implemented, allowing for real-time action. This system focuses on the recognition of SKUs with an accuracy of over 95%, optimizing management and ensuring that products are properly placed and available to customers. The technology used has significantly increased the productivity of the audit process, reducing the time required to less than 1 minute per meter/module.


The implementation of these initiatives has resulted in a significant improvement in the execution of planograms, allowing stores to react quickly to any non-compliance and avoid stockouts. The accuracy in SKU recognition has exceeded 95%, ensuring correct inventory management and product availability. This optimization has led to an increase in sales in the audited categories, demonstrating the effectiveness of a real-time management system and the importance of technology in modern retail.

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