Modern Retail Strategy Transforms Coffee & Tea Leader

A premier coffee and tea manufacturer in Europe, renowned for distributing its high-quality products to over 20 countries, recently took significant steps to refine its retail execution in Modern Trade. To address specific retail challenges and improve its market operations, the company engaged with Ailet to implement their Retail Execution Basic solution.

Key initiatives

This strategic move was primarily aimed at enhancing sales operations by providing clearer insights into critical KPIs, such as on-shelf product availability and share of shelf. These metrics are vital for understanding how well the company meets customer expectations regarding product assortment and visibility in retail environments. Through detailed analytics provided by Ailet's solution, the company gained a comprehensive understanding of its products' performance on shelves, ensuring they meet the assortment standards demanded by their diverse international customer base.

Additionally, the company's IT and operations teams have reaped substantial benefits from integrating Image Recognition technologies. This innovation has transformed their commercial processes, allowing for more accurate and efficient monitoring of product placements and promotions across various retail outlets.


By leveraging these advanced technological solutions, the company significantly enhanced visibility and adherence to retail standards, proving technology's pivotal role in modern retail strategy.