Optimizing Baby Food Sales with Advanced Retail KPIs

A leading European producer of baby food, renowned for its extensive range of over 250 SKUs and adherence to stringent international food safety and quality standards, has made significant strides in modernizing its retail execution in Modern Trade through a partnership with Ailet. Facing challenges in retail visibility and competitive positioning, the company implemented Ailet's Retail Execution Basic, enriched with raw data on pricing, to optimize its in-store strategies.

Key initiatives

The introduction of this solution has revolutionized the company’s sales operations. Key performance indicators such as on-shelf product availability—which saw an improvement of up to 15%—and share of shelf have provided crucial insights. These metrics have not only affirmed compliance with product assortment standards but also facilitated a data-driven approach to decision-making, enhancing product placement and visibility across retail outlets.

Additionally, the integration of a pay-for-performance model has aligned the interests of sales teams and merchandising agencies with corporate goals, optimizing the sales structure and incentivizing peak performance. Trade marketing teams have also gained from having access to real-time, accurate on-shelf data and competitor price monitoring, enabling more strategic pricing and promotional tactics.


Overall, these advancements have equipped the company to better meet customer needs, strengthen market presence, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic baby food market.