Leveraging AI-based Solutions to obtain real-time analytics, achieve operational efficiency and ensure category growth, increased profits and customer satisfaction
Turning your shelf data into powerful insights and targeted actions
Key issues

IR projects statistics: The growth of the actual OSA in Modern Trade channel is from 5-10 %

5% increase in brand OSA leads to 1.5 % increase in Retail Turnover

Due to inefficiency of employees the average OSA in Modern Trade channel – from 66%-86%
Key points
First stage
Take advantage of AI-based technology and full-capability tools with Ailet CPG Platform
Second phase
Empowering your filed-force with Image Recognition Solutions to elevate performance and take targeted actions at SKU, brand, and category level, while improving sales effectiveness
Third stage
Obtain extensive BI analytics and shelf data visualization so you can focus on areas that drive your business forward
CPG Platform ecosystem
Full-capability tool to accelerate sales growth and obtain credible and auditable insights from your shelves
Price monitoring
Shelf insights
BI Analytics
Perfect store
Placement Execution
Retail Execution Basic
Retail Execution

Retail Execution

Mastering the art of Retail Execution with IR Solutions

Shelf Insights

Turning your shelf data into growth opportunities with Computer Vision