Turning your shelf data into powerful insights and targeted actions

Leveraging Ailet CPG Platform Solutions to obtain real-time analytics, achieve operational efficiency and ensure category growth, increased profits and customer satisfaction
Key benefits
Real-time analytics on key retail metrics
Improved field-team efficiency
Precise retail execution
Improved field-team efficiency

A full scope solution to ensure precision in your sales strategy execution

Use Cases
Retail Execution
Drive field-team efficiency and targeted actions at the shelf to ensure compliance with your sales strategies in stores. Increased on-shelf availability, correct product placement and pricing provide a delightful shopping experience for your customers.
Store Audit
Carry out store audits twice as fast and obtain transparent, real-time shelf data. Set audit tasks, create daily routes and track product availability, placement, regular and promo pricing from a single and reliable data source.
Perfect Store
Set goals, streamline Perfect Store execution and track results at each store visit. A full scope solution to facilitate collaboration between the management and field teams for profitable execution
Price Monitoring
Simplify and streamline price monitoring process. Track current prices, carry out competitors analysis and access aggregated price analytics online.

How does it work?

Take a picture of the shelf with the Ailet app

Receive at-the-shelf instructions to correct errors

Review real-time analytics and visit insights at the Ailet Web Portal

Key points
First stage
Take advantage of AI-based technology and full-capability tools with Ailet CPG Platform
Second stage
Empowering your filed-force with Image Recognition Solutions to elevate performance and take targeted actions at SKU, brand, and category level, while improving sales effectiveness
Third stage
Obtain extensive BI analytics and shelf data visualization so you can focus on areas that drive your business forward

CPG Platform ecosystem

Full-capability tool to accelerate sales growth and obtain credible and auditable insights from your shelves

Retail Execution

Mastering the art of Retail Execution with IR Solutions
Providing fast OSA auto-detection, transparency of IR analytics for all levels and reliable grounds for targeted actions
Ensuring highest level of data accuracy and planogram compliance

Set of solutions that helps to increase sales for manufacturers and make the store a "dream" for the customers
Providing analytical tools to deliver extensive real-time information on what is happening on the shelf

Shelf Insights

Turning your shelf data into growth opportunities with Computer Vision
Achieve operational efficiency and customers satisfaction through price control with Computer Vision