Audit of pharmacy
KPI plans and the % of their fulfillment in-store audit
Audit of pharmacy
Increased accuracy of Audit results
Wide range of automated KPI's powered with AI to achieve Perfect Pharma

Why focus on Ailet execution?

Solution helps consumers find the right products in the right location, with products presented in the best possible way to influence their's buying behaviour
High expertise

Successful customer stories in 25 countries have allowed us to build a solution that easily adapts to the region's specifics, increases customer and employee loyalty

AI importance
Photo recognition with AI technology instantly provides data for audits to the medical representative and greatly improves the quality of the pharmacy shelf
Reliable data

The system already recognizes more than 10 000 medicines with high accuracy and is constantly being trained

Process efficiency

Improving the quality of work in the pharmacy, thereby increasing each of the key indicators by 3-5%

Ailet Methodology
SKU on shelf availability / MSL
Perfect Pharmacy
Share of shelf in categories
Price monitoring
& Execution
Perfect Store recognition accuracy
+ 95%
Process optimisation
80 000+
Call time reduction of 20%
Online access
Pharmacies are digitized
Insights for moving forward
USE-CASE of one of our clients in LATAM
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