Behind the lens:
understanding the dynamics
of AI product image recognition


Staying ahead requires innovative solutions and if you don’t have any idea how to start, this is your guide to understand how AI-powered image recognition can be the game-changer for analyzing and classifying product information on shelves, ultimately steering your sales plan to success. But first of all, understanding how it works is the stage before staying ahead

Understanding the basics of product image recognition

To avoid making something complex and tedious, let’s start dividing it into 5 key points to understand the basics:

  1. Define objects for recognition: such as price tags, products, POS materials or shelves 
  2. Test examples: consists of selecting a significant number of examples to evaluate the quality of the AI recognition
  3. Train AI for recognition: carried out on a set of selected examples chosen in step 2
  4. Evaluate AI recognition level: assess the quality of product recognition using test examples as a benchmark
  5. Field testing: capture images of products on shelves, evaluating recognition accuracy and retail metrics calculation

But for your path to success there are only 3 simple steps


A User takes a photo of the shelf with Ailet mobile app


Products on the shelves are
recognized instantly


Real-time shelf analytics are available for the management team

The objective: Elevating sales plans execution with AI-powered image recognition

C-Executives play a pivotal role in steering their companies towards success. The objective is clear: leverage advanced technology to enhance the way you analyze and classify product information on retail shelves. This is where AI image recognition comes into play.

Precision is key in the retail landscape and this technology empowers you with more information about the products on the shelves. This not only ensures accurate classification but also provides real-time insights needed to make informed decisions that align with your sales plan.

In conclusion, embracing AI-powered image recognition is not just about staying technologically current; it’s about equipping your team with a tool that enhances their ability to analyze and classify product information on shelves. This is the innovation that propels the sales plan to new heights.

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