Price Monitoring

Access current market pricing data for your products and competitors with just a photo of the shelf

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80% of customers do price comparison for 50% of the purchase

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44% of shoppers switch retailers when encounter unfair pricing

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34% of shoppers stated price as a key factor for a positive or negative experience

How can Ailet help


• Promo prices at POS
• Recommended prices at
Points of Sale
• Dumping at Points of Sale

Analyse competitors

• Average prices
• Pricing policy and price index compliance with your competitor

and Analyse

• Price range for each product
• Аverage price for the product by shop, retail chain or region
• Detect shops with violation of pricing policies

Refine your pricing strategy

• Gain competitive advantage
• Address the challenges with data-based proactive decisions

How it works


Loading master data & price ranges to a project


Enabling dashboards


Visiting stores


Viewing price monitoring results

Main Features

Calculating, monitoring average prices by product, retail chain, POS, competitor's analysis

Data detailing. Filtering data to the to the required level by reailer, product line, product, category

Auto-detection of prices for your products and of your competitors

Over 97% of data accuracy after filtering, depending on most frequent and average prices

Monitoring pricing policy compliance, when negotiating with supply chains

Monitoring promotional activities and pricing policy violations

Only 24h to receive current pricing data. Both for your products and ones of your competitor
No need to capture the product and price tag separately.

Take a photo of the shelf and AI technology will do the rest
Receive information on Retail chain pricing rating detailed by chosen period, city or region