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Ertugrul, a seasoned engineer specializing in 2D & 3D robot vision, has over 30 years of diverse experience in IT, strategic outsourcing, and sales management. Currently, he serves as the Business Development Manager for MENA at Ailet, leveraging his expertise across various technology industries.

Can you share your journey with Ailet? When did you join the company, and what are your responsibilities?

I joined Ailet at the beginning of the pandemic, in February of 2020. As a computer engineer, I brought extensive experience with image recognition, algorithms, and various technical domains, including hardware, service networks, etc.

Initially, my responsibilities were focused on the Turkish market, but now I oversee the MENA region. My role extends beyond just dealing with technological platforms; I am deeply involved in the project selling process. This means that I act more like a business consultant for our clients, helping them navigate and implement our solutions effectively. Common challenges include dealing with complex technological platforms, but my background equips me to handle these and provide comprehensive support to our clients.


What are some common challenges you observe across the different industries you have worked with?

Having worked across diverse cultures in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, I’ve observed that while cultural nuances vary, the core business objective remains the same: satisfying both the provider and the client. Because ensuring mutual benefit in any deal is crucial. When you come to the table, both parties must gain from the transaction.

On the other hand, local holidays present minor issues, as they are unchangeable, but the constant challenge is always trying to sell effectively. To handle this better, I usually put myself in the buyer's position, empathizing with their needs and perspectives. This approach helps me navigate the selling process more effectively.


Considering the diverse cultures within the MENA region, what skills do you find essential for managing various commercial interactions and building strong client relationships?
Considering the diverse cultures within the MENA region, it’s essential to manage various commercial interactions and build strong client relationships by focusing on providing real value. Regardless of how nice or culturally aware you are, addressing the client's business needs effectively is crucial. This involves presenting both risks and benefits, as this transparency builds trust and supports the client's interests.

By doing this, you demonstrate the value of your company and your role as a professional. It's not just about listing bullet points; the key is to offer solutions that directly address their challenges. Providing meaningful and actionable solutions is what ultimately strengthens the business relationship.


How has interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds been beneficial for you?
Having traveled to many countries, I am rarely surprised by cultural differences. The key for me is to focus on the core of human interaction. Regardless of cultural variations, the essence of connecting with others remains the same, and this focus helps me navigate in the relations between people..


How would you describe your experience with the company's culture? What aspects do you find particularly meaningful beyond the work itself?
When I joined the company, it was an exciting venture with a promising future. We were building everything from the ground up and setting job definitions. The company's culture stands out because it lacks bureaucracy, allowing us to use our maximum potential to grow. This fact, which persists even as we've become a major force in the industry, empowers us to unleash our full potential and constantly innovate. This supportive environment enables me to focus on the target's evolution.


What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated and focused, especially during busy or demanding periods?
I motivate myself with the mindset that I am the "king of the road," which means I strive for perfection and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Sales can be challenging, and maintaining motivation is crucial. If you believe you're not successful, it can be damaging, so it's essential to discipline yourself to stay motivated at all costs. Additionally, in sales, silence rules; listening is key.


What do you enjoy most about working at Ailet? Why would you recommend this company to someone seeking a new job opportunity?
I enjoy being in different time zones and interacting with people from various companies and backgrounds. It's fascinating to be at the forefront of technological advancement, as there are no limits in this new era. Working at Ailet offers the opportunity to be part of an exciting and evolving industry that is shaping a new lifestyle.

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