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Ailet uses artificial intelligence to execute products at the POS

Increase sales by reducing stockouts, in addition to generating all key execution indicators at the point of sale with just one photo. This is the proposal from Ailet , a European company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce accurate data on the performance of the mix in the physical store.


“This is not just an image recognition solution for retail auditing and enforcement. We deliver intelligence to enable immediate reviews of the products and materials on display, which serves not only drugstores but also the pharmaceutical industry”, says Jorge Kowalski , the company's Latam director.


Global vice-leader in offering computer vision solutions, the platform targets medium and large pharmaceutical retail chains . Other focuses are manufacturers that work with over-the-counter medicines and self-service products, providing promotion and merchandising teams.


Ailet serves more than 30 global customers


Ailet brings together more than 30 global clients and the first industry in the sector to count on the platform's help was Danone, in 2017, in Europe. Today, there are more than 8 million photos recognized monthly in all countries. In Brazil, the company has been present since 2022, when it opened an office in São Paulo (SP).

One of the big differences is that, unlike human action, the platform's AI is capable of recognizing with an average accuracy of 95% and processing data from the shelf in less than 20 seconds, making it possible to correct the execution immediately. All of this at a very affordable cost per photo taken by the app”, highlights Luiz Fonseca , director of business development. “The analysis is available in real time to field representatives and sales, category and marketing managers,” he adds. Also according to Fonseca, the Ailet platform is offered in modules, ranging from the basic – involving basic visit functions, checking product availability, share and rupture analysis – to the advanced, which includes verification and control of the planogram, the in order to identify the correct location of each product within a category.


Cost and process reduction


Often, the trade marketing team invests fabulous amounts in negotiations, exhibitions and promotional materials without knowing how the product is allocated at the POS. The lack of execution as planned generates countless lost opportunities due to the simple lack of correct information and feedback . The analysis of images sent by the Ailet application helps to solve a series of problems, such as:


1. High costs and lengthy and not always accurate audit processes

2. High demand for questionnaires and actions for the POS promoter

3. Opportunities missed due to lack of quick information and actions

4. Wrong information attributed by promoters and representatives

5. Lack of control, difficulty in proving premium payments and late decisions

6. Helps reduce the time spent by the promoter team in the store, enabling greater coverage or fewer stockers

7. Out-of-stock reduction: on average, every 3% out-of-stock reduction allows for a 1% increase in sales per store

8. Analysis of price, assortment, share, promotional material and planogram without the need for counting or manual input

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