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Ailet brings to Brazil the best technology to solve POS execution and auditing problems

More than an image recognition solution, the platform works, end-to-end, in collecting and analyzing data from the products on display, checking planograms, pricing, stockouts and other KPIs.

A solution that democratizes the use of Artificial Intelligence for industry and retail, ensuring truly efficient management of in-store execution. This is exactly what Ailet offers, one of the largest global companies in the retail image recognition technology segment, which since 2022 has also been operating in the Brazilian market.

Ailet provides a platform capable of enabling, from end to end, the work of collecting and analyzing data about products on shelves. This analysis is carried out in real time using the company's technology tool, which saves time and guarantees accurate and updated data to support faster and more assertive decisions.

Everything on display at the point of sale is checked, based on the number of fronts. The photographic audit of what is or is not exposed reveals strategic information that would take time to be perceived if the work was done manually.

This complete process takes just 20 seconds and is, on average, 95% accurate

The basic module of the Ailet solution already reveals KPIs such as the availability of products on the shelf; the share of the category and each brand, down to the SKU level and identifies possible disruptions. Other modules also monitor whether the price charged is within the range stipulated by the supplier and that retailer; they check the compliance of the planogram, in addition to each Perfect Store execution indicator.

In addition to transforming the display of the gondola into data through a photo, the Ailet SFE module now also allows field team management, control of visit routes, tasks, questionnaires and measurement of the sales team's productivity.
Ailet works with mature technology, validated in Europe since 2016, and used by large and medium-sized companies in 25 countries. The list of clients includes players such as Danone, Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Walmart among other retail and industrial companies, which realize numerous benefits, such as:

Time saving
The automated process reduces working time in the store, enabling greater coverage and a reduction in the number of replenishers. It also allows retailers to check the work of industry promoters in each store.

Breakage reduction

This is one of the most important indicators for the distribution chain, after all, every 3% reduction in out-of-stock represents a 1% increase in sales per store.

Measurement and execution guide for a planogram at scale

Today, only with the use of artificial intelligence is it possible to verify the precise execution of the planogram on a large scale of stores. In addition to checking, the tool indicates where the execution errors are, the exact location and number of fronts of the correct exposure for immediate correction. Success stories indicate an 80% increase in planogram execution and a 2% increase in total store sales.

Making decisions based on accurate data

Price, assortment, share, promotional material and planogram. All of this can be checked without the need for manual checking, which allows you to have accurate information for decision-making and payment of variables and incentives in a transparent and fair way. In addition, of course, to detecting problems in real time and resolving them.

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