The scope, speed and scale of AI technology

The scope, speed
and scale
of AI technology

Empowering people, optimizing processes
with the latest AI technology

Automating store data collection and providing real-time actionable insights.
Supporting your business needs with Image Recognition precision and market expertise


Real-time 97% recognition accuracy of products, categories and retail space options


User-friendly Interface for everyone involved to facilitate collaboration and desired results

Constant evolution

Current product assortment recognition through rapid training of neural network capabilities

The all-seeing eye of AI
or how does it work?

Take a picture of the shelf with Ailet mobile app


Maximize data collection efficiency with AI-guided photo-capture. Ensuring precise execution and KPI standards compliance through store visit checks, geo-fencing, and photo duplicates elimination

Receive real-time shelf insights on your screens in seconds


Make data-based decisions right at the shelf, whether it is correcting shelf layout or adjusting POS materials. Receive real-time reports on Product availability, Prices, Promo, Placement and branded sales equipment

Respond to the current situation in stores on time


Eliminate assumptions and be confident in your decisions through customizable reporting, flexible data import and export capabilities, and seamless integration options. Review real-time analytics with options for data drill down by user, POS, retail chain, or region

Get Big Data insights
empowered by Ailet recognition app

Web portal

Created for Supervisors, Auditors, Data, Category and Sales Managers to carry out virtual audits of the sales spaces, review and create reports on retail metrics and team's performance

BI dashboards

Easy-to-read extensive BI dashboards to support your decision-making. Pre-configured or tailored to your business needs, the panel provides accurate insights on retail metrics and KPIs

Main features
for precise mobile app performance

Automating store data collection to drive your team’s efficiency.
Delivering real-time shelf insights with automatic key retail metrics calculation

Photo Quality

GPS Control

Traffic and Battery

Online Reports


Turning shelf data into actionable insights for precise retail execution
and data-driven decisions

What is Image Recognition?

That’s a feature inside the sales force automation process which allows you to replace manual shelf KPIs calculation method with automated, driven by image recognition technology

What is a neural network (AI) and how it works?

Neural networks are a series of algorithms that mimic human operations of a human brain to recognize connections between vast amounts of data. Image recognition is a computer vision technique that allows machines to interpret and categorize what they “see” in images or videos

Could I integrate your app into my own SFA system?

Sure, we have a ready to use API, so you can integrate our app seamlessly into your SFA mobile application or you can server API and send us photos directly

How fast can I get results?

The average time to get the report with recognition results is around 20 seconds

How do you manage to recognize 12 million photos per month and maintain stability?

Our IT infrastructure is reliable and scalable, with SLA availability of 99.7%. We are certified by CyberVadis and all the data is hosted according to GDPR regulations in Europe

What in-store data can I get using image recognition?

We recognise product categories, brands and sub-brands, product sizes, SKUs, count number of facings, SKU coordinates on the shelf, SKU and shelf linear space, prices, price tag type like regular or promo, shelf signs, POSM, etc