Driving 10-15% improvement in
Perfect Store execution


One of the world's leading food companies, celebrated for its confectionery products, faced significant challenges in optimizing retail execution within Modern Trade channels. The goal was to enhance in-store visibility and efficiency to ultimately drive sales and improve the shopping experience.

To address these challenges, the company needed to implement a comprehensive solution that could streamline retail execution, reduce operational costs, and improve product availability on the shelves.

Key initiatives

To handle that situation, the company partnered with Ailet to deploy two key solutions: Retail Execution Basic and BrandBlocks. This strategic move was aimed at covering essential point-of-sale materials and leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge in retail execution.

Utilizing Ailet’s solutions to gain transparent on-shelf data from over 150,000 visits per month. The company was able to implement a pay-for-performance model for merchandising agencies to incentivize high performance, based on transparent fee structures.

Also, this process enhanced the on-shelf product availability management process to ensure that popular items were readily available to consumers.


Through these strategic actions, the company not only optimized its operational efficiency but also enhanced its commercial processes with the aid of innovative technology, setting a new standard in retail execution for the Modern Trade sector.

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