Voices of Ailet | December 2023

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Luis Crocci, Implementation Manager at Ailet based in Barcelona, orchestrates client solutions through meticulous planning. Explore the versatility of his role at Ailet, tailored to meet unique business needs.

Can you share more about your role at the company?

I am an Implementation Manager at Ailet, tasked with planning and coordinating team efforts to meet client requirements and needs. 

What are the most important challenges in your position?

Adapting our tools and processes to meet customers' needs is the primary challenge, and it's rewarding to witness our implementation transforming their realities. Managing expectations is the most challenging aspect. 

If you could share some business insights from your position with our clients, what would it be?

The tool offers versatile applications—from monitoring shelves and prices to generating regular and automated reports through our portal. Clients can adopt various approaches, focusing on price monitoring or implementing specific reports based on their unique needs. We tailor dashboards and reports to cater to individual customer requirements. 

How do you contribute to serving clients in diverse locations?

I believe that implementation is crucial for ensuring a positive user experience. It's the initial interaction with the solution after the sales demonstration and is a vital aspect of our operations. Given my diverse background across various companies, delivering a positive first impression of the solution contributes to the success of the company we serve. 

Can you describe a project or accomplishment of which you're particularly proud?

We recently completed a successful pilot, marking a significant achievement of the Planogram Compliance project to date. We expect to encompass over 350 stores and 3,700 products in Chile in the next few months making it one of the largest projects in LATAM.

Barcelona Blend: Balancing Work-Life and Diverse Cultural Interactions

What are the skills you’ve learned that you can highlight from working at Ailet?

I was previously engaged in projects but never in a leadership role. Thus, leadership became a crucial skill I developed. Communication across diverse cultural backgrounds and countries was also a significant aspect. Above all, managing expectations emerged as a key skill, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and transparency in our processes to ensure smooth implementation.

How has working for Ailet in Barcelona impacted your work-life balance and overall job satisfaction?

I believe work-life balance is subjective, depending on personal priorities like studies, health, and social life. Living in Spain allows me to plan my day ahead in LATAM time, exercise, and socialize. Professionally, the job is a perfect fit—I enjoy it, have a supportive team, and find fulfillment in helping people and implementing projects.

How do you find communicating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds beneficial?

Barcelona, serving as the hub for diverse time zones across Europe and Latin America, perfectly aligns with my preferences. The city, known for its energy and cosmopolitan vibe, resonates with the dynamic nature of Ailet. As a communicative person, I find the city's diversity to be a rich source of creativity, fostering communication and innovative thinking. It's truly an amazing environment.

Lastly, in your own words, what makes Ailet a great place to work, and why would you recommend it to potential candidates? And why would you recommend it to potential customers?

For applicants, it's an excellent place to delve into AI, fostering a close-knit community that's always ready to assist. As for customers, our tool is potent, saving time and delivering immediate, visible results.

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