AI Image Recognition for Retailers by Ailet

Let the AI work for you


Implement AI into your shelf data collection and retail execution processes

How does it work?


A User takes a photo of the shelf


Products and prices on the shelf are recognized instantly


Real-time analytics are available for the management team


Just take a picture of the shelf and let AI do the rest. 

Turning all of the collected shelf data into retail KPIs while you are at the store. 

Enable precise product placement and make decisions based on the data collected in stores today.


Key benefits

Drive sales by 2-4%

Improve planogram compliance 

Receive real time analytics

Reduce operational costs by 50%

We are Ailet. Where AI specialisation meets retail expertise


Since 2016, Ailet has been helping Retailers collect store data in more than 25 countries, analyzing more than 1 billion SKUs every month.

Unlock the power of AI