BI Analytics

Create a reliable, easy access analytical source to elevate your decision-making process
Eliminate assumptions and be confident in your decisions
Quickly identify current issues at the location & find best-fitted solutions
Identify level of potential for the Point of Sale
Receive extensive reports about a product, category, brand, store segment or retailer
Monitor any metric dynamic in comparison with the previous periods
A set of analytical dashboards customised
to your specifications
A set of pre-installed standard dashboards
Does not require additional actions from field-force or management
Take a photo of the shelf and receive detailed analytics for every SKU, product category, brand or Point of Sale
  • Embedded or Customized dashboards
  • Analytical data detailed according to the client needs
  • 24/7 access to your data
  • Easy to use interface with all your data analytics in one place
  • Pre-installed Data visualization tools
  • Seamless data import process
Benefits from solution
  • Timely detection of ineffectiveness
    at the location
    Identify problem retailers and outlets with low OSA, OOS, SOS
  • Improving the quality of your decisions and decreasing decision-making time
    Quickly identify locations, retilers with lowest metrics, define the problem and take corrective actions
  • Сomplex analytics of metrics dynamics & historical data of your store visits
    Identify the reasons for assortment absence (e. g. virtual stock-out, blocked shipments from retail outlets, insufficient ordering, etc.)
  • Control other aspects of store activities
    Get the facts on breaches of agreements with retailers (absence of the key assortment in your stores)