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BI Analytics

Create a reliable, easy access analytical source to elevate your decision-making process
Eliminate assumptions and be confident in your decisions
Quickly identify current issues at the location & find best-fitted solutions
Identify level of potential for the Point of Sale
Receive extensive reports about a product, category, brand, store segment or retailer
Monitor any metric dynamic in comparison with the previous periods
A set of analytical dashboards customised
to your specifications
A set of pre-installed standard dashboards
  • Identify OSA metrics execution by store, retailer, category, product or product segment
  • Identify which retailer contributes the most to overall OSA
  • View OSA progression ranges by location
  • Identify store visits without assortment matrixes
  • Determine average share of shelf for the category/brand/product/store
  • Identify in which category brands holds a maximum or minimum share of shelf
  • Compare your Share of Shelf with ones of your competitor
  • Identify which retailer contibutes the most to overall OOS
  • Identify which products are Out of Shelf most frequently
  • Identify the reasons for lack of assortment
  • Identify users with highest OOS at locations
Perfect Store
  • visual representaion of the stores that have met the KPI requirements
  • comparing the results of metric compliance of all the POS
  • Evaluate the potential of the Point of Sale
Category size calculation
  • calculating the space occupied by a category at location
  • comparing the share of category of your product & of your competitor
  • calculating the value of category size based on historical data (AVG, median, MAX, Min)
  • calculating planned Share of Shelf value
Map of visits
  • displaying store visit information on the map by user, store, region
  • all the visit details are grouped in tables for a more comprehensive view of the store visits
Antifraud & Photo-Shooting guidelines
  • "Geo-tag error" metric
  • detecting visits done in less than 5 minutes
  • detecting POS with 100% Share-of-Shelf
  • detecting photos done from the screen-monitor
  • identifying users with too many or too little photos during visits
  • detecting users violating the rules of taking a picture during the visits
Does not require additional actions from field-force or management
Take a photo of the shelf and receive detailed analytics for every SKU, product category, brand or Point of Sale
Embedded or Customized dashboards
Analytical data detailed according to the client needs
24/7 access to your data
Easy to use interface with all your data analytics in one place
Pre-installed Data visualization tools
Seamless data import process
Benefits from solution
Timely detection of ineffectiveness
at the location
Identify problem retailers and outlets with low OSA, OOS, SOS
Improving the quality of your decisions and decreasing decision-making time
Quickly identify locations, retilers with lowest metrics, define the problem and take corrective actions
Сomplex analytics of metrics dynamics & historical data of your store visits
Identify the reasons for assortment absence (e. g. virtual stock-out, blocked shipments from retail outlets, insufficient ordering, etc.)
Control other aspects of store activities
Get the facts on breaches of agreements with retailers (absence of the key assortment in your stores)