Retail Basic
Drive product availability and field-team efficiency
with automated shelf data collection
and real-time analytics
Retail Basic
Drive product availability and field-team efficiency
with automated shelf data collection
and real-time analytics
Cover more stores in less time and improve performance of your field force team with KPIs calculated automatically with Computer Vision technology. Stay fully informed about the work your merchandising team does.

Take advantage of the virtual audit on the portal, let your supervisors, auditors, category managers always know the state of your shelf without visiting the stores.

All eyes on your shelf

Make sure the product your customer wants is available for purchase at the right place, right time and quantity. Increase market share and drive sales with instant and accurate detection of OSA and SOS for your product portfolio.
  • Perform plan/actual analysis for multiple categories or down to a single SKU
  • Receive instant online assortment recognition and automatically calculated OSA with 98% accuracy
  • Make informed decisions with flexible reporting system and data export
  • Track your team performance per store visit
  • Ability to identify the reason for the missing SKUs
  • Create multiple SOS metrics per store visit, detailed by brand or category
  • Calculate SOS metrics by centimeters and facings
  • Determine your star products and optimize categories
  • Obtain real-time data to make timely decisions now and to plan ahead
Average OSA

Average OSA in Modern Trade channel is 66-86% due to employee inefficiency
Increase in OSA

IR projects statistics: Growth of actual OSA in Modern trade channel is from 5-10%
Retail revenue

5% increase in brand OSA lead to 1.5% increase in Retail Turnover
Looking into competitors

Competitors share of shelf can show you which verticals and which retailers they are most invested in
Optimise categories

Use SOS to determine what categories are most important and optimize your assortment and distribution category accordingly
Market insight

Tracking this historical data will help to indicate competitive threats and help you address them early on

Transform your shelf operations with the power of our AI solutions

Do you have a small business in traditional trade and want to improve in-store execution? We can help you increase sales and execution control
User takes a photo using the Ailet application
Images are processed and recognized instantly
Analytics are available in real time for field-force staff and sales/category & marketing managers in the office
Main Features
Delivering high-accuracy real-time shelf data to calculate vital metrics like OSA, OOS and SOS. Automating inventory process to improve your team's efficiency

  • Photo Quality Control
  • GPS Control
  • Traffic and Battery Optimized
  • Online Reports

Why our solution

  • Increase in On-Shelf Availability
    Detecting above 96% of out-of-shelf occurrences
  • Lower audit cost
    Minimizing human error with automation, eliminating manual facings count and price check
  • Generate Higher sales
    Achieving sales growth through matching the shelf space share to brand sales
  • Optimize required time
    Decreasing time spent by staff in store by 40-60% per one visit
  • Increase in ROI
    Increasing ROI by redistributing brand or SKU display
Use Case
Own filed forсe
or Merch agencies
In-store audit
Reduce time per store visit and increase data accuracy and sales with Image Recognition technology and automatic KPI calculation

SFE control
Monitor your teams store visits, take advantage of virtual audit. Ailet is your eyes in the store for a more efficient field team without an offline visit
and Marketing team
Learn all about the location of new products, products of your competitors and the effectiveness of promotions

Get the price and availability reporting you need to submit data to regulatory government agencies

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