Voices of Ailet | March 2024

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Angelo, based in Peru, is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience in marketing and branding across construction, industrial, and banking sectors. With a Bachelor's in Communication and a Master's degree in Strategic Content Management, he has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and crafting innovative strategies to foster business expansion.

Tell us about your professional experiences and story with Ailet. When did you start working here? What initially drew you to Ailet? What is your role and responsibilities?

I joined Ailet in August 2023, drawn by the challenge of creating content for an AI company with global projects. As a senior content manager, I'm responsible for translating complex technical information into digestible content for various audiences. Ultimately, every detail contributes to the development of innovative growth-driving strategies.


As a Senior Content Manager, what can you highlight about your role in shaping and communicating the company's brand identity, particularly as an IT SaaS company?

Due to our diverse audience composed of various industries, partners, media outlets, academia, specialized professionals, employees, and suppliers, effectively communicating the brand presents a significant challenge. However, our core message remains clear: technology exists to support people and streamline operations. Notably, at Ailet, a dedicated team consistently works behind the scenes to improve operations for retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and CPG companies.


How do you handle content and information expectations from different regions and countries?

We address content and information expectations across regions by engaging in research, analysis, testing, and measurement. This process helps tailor our content to meet diverse needs. Additionally, by showcasing people's experiences, we highlight the human aspect of technology, ensuring our content resonates on a personal level and bridges cultural differences effectively.


From your perspective, what distinguishes Ailet as a company? And as an employer?

Ailet stands out as a company and employer for its people-oriented approach and emphasis on interdepartmental relationships. In this sense, it is a company that is always thinking about the different cultures, adopting its messages the best way to everybody. This last aspect, at least from my perspective, made me find that we have more things in common than I thought despite the fact that we are from different regions and countries.


How would you describe the company's culture and values, and how do they contribute to its success?

The company thrives on a culture of problem-solving, driven by technology and fueled by our clients' success. This focus on teamwork and client achievement is the reflection of our core values for our success.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages of working at an international company like Ailet?

Working at Ailet offers the privilege of joining a global team of AI experts, leading the digital transformation era with product recognition via photos powered by AI. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to maintain work-life balance, allowing me to witness my child's growth closely.


How do you see the company evolving in the future, and what role do you hope to play in that evolution?

I envision the company as a global leader in AI-driven product recognition and insights, solving industry-specific challenges. I aim to become a key figure in marketing and communications within the tech industry, contributing to our evolution and success in innovative solutions.


Lastly, in your own words, what makes Ailet a great place to work, and why would you recommend it to potential candidates? And why would you recommend Ailet to potential customers?

As I mentioned before, Ailet stands out due to its exceptional people who are pioneering a new era with AI. Its collaborative environment and commitment to innovation make it an ideal workplace and partner. I also recommend it to candidates eager to shape the future and to customers seeking transformative AI solutions.

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