Ailet & Tarweej: Strategic Partnership Unleashes Innovation in Retail Merchandising

In a groundbreaking move, leading merchandising services company Tarweej, with more than 15 years of experience and more than 2,000 employees, has joined forces with Ailet Solutions. This collaboration aims to revolutionize retail by integrating real-time shelf data through an advanced mobile app.


Revolutionizing retail synergy: Tarweej & Ailet representatives

The partnership promises to empower merchandisers with unparalleled insights, allowing them to optimize product placement, enhance inventory management, and boost overall store efficiency. Ailet, with its expertise analyzing more than 1 billion SKUs every month, ensures that merchandisers receive instant, accurate data for timely decision-making.


This partnership will add tremendous value for both companies. By merging merchandising expertise with AI-driven real-time data, the partnership seeks to elevate the retail experience for businesses and consumers alike.

About Tarweej

Tarweej is the leading Service Provider in Saudi Arabia offering value added and efficient In-Store Solutions with more than 2,000 resources on the ground. Their expertise focuses on providing services such as in-store execution, assets management, market intelligence and brand activation. As a part of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Group, Tarweej started active operations in 2008, accumulating more than 15 years of experience partnering with leading multinational and local brands in KSA.

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