Image Recognition in Retail. How Perfect Store can be achieved with Ailet Solutions

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About the Online Workshop

As retail industry goes through continuous changes in the way manufacturers and consumers go about their usual activities it is as important as ever to stay on top of innovative technologies.

Based on real time cases and gathered insights, our team of experts in Image Recognition and BI Analytics welcomes you to explore how to make retail operations more efficient and profitable, while keeping your customers satisfied.

Topics on the agenda:

1. IAI in Retail. Computer vision insights into what's happening on the shelf.

- IR market today. How computer vision and AI helps to improve Retail Execution of CPGs and Retailers;

- Challenges faced in understanding what’s happening on the shelf.

2. Become competitive and efficient in Perfect Store Execution. Examples of Solutions

- Understand: How is my Perfect Store strategy being executed in the market;

- Plan: Understanding the principals behind Perfect Store execution;

- Set: What are the critical elements (KPI's) to consider when scoring my Perfect Store? How to collect the required Data;

- Evaluate: Understand in real time the state of the store in the context of certain sections.

3. Leverage Image Recognition technology to excel Retail Execution. Client results and Case study.

- Why manual shelf audit and reporting is inefficient. How the traditional agency model for merchandising is riddled with inefficiency and sunk cost;

- In-house use of technology for automating own field force (SFA solution);

- BI analytics in practise. Helps to perfect your Perfect Store strategy and drive store profits.

Jorge Kowalski
Diretor da América Latina

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