Improve Planogram Compliance with computer vision and AI

Series of expert events from Ailet

About the Online Workshop

Exploring innovative technical solutions to add value to in-store consumer experience and make shops more conducive to browsing is a top priority for Retailers and Consumer Goods companies.

Based on real time cases, explore how Image Recognition technology and BI analytics bring companies a clear picture of shelf and retail store operations.

Topics on the agenda:

1. Why you need ”Placement Execution” to reach Perfect Store

- IR market today. How computer vision and AI helps to improve the retail execution of CPG and Retail companies;

- Challenges faced in understanding what’s happening on the shelf.

2. How to become competitive and efficient in Placement Execution. Planogram compliance

- Understand: Stay competitive by optimizing planogram design. Drive display success in store;

- Set: Provide real-time alerts to store staff to fix gaps on shelf and address price, promotion and planogram compliance;

- Run: Understand how correct actions, ensure greater planogram compliance and more efficient store operations.

3. What KPIs and BI Analytics shows about the issues. Real time case examples

- Why manual shelf audit and reporting is inefficient;

- How the traditional agency model for merchandising can be improved. Looking at efficiency and costs;

- BI analytics in practise. Helps to perfect your Placement Execution strategy and drive profits.

Ertugrul Elmastas
Ailet Turkey

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