Enhancing Retail Strategy for Spirits in Europe

A prominent European company, one of the leaders in the market in the production and distribution of cognac, whiskey, and wine, has taken a significant step forward by implementing Ailet’s Retail Execution Basic, focusing on modern trade channels. This strategic move was prompted by the need to enhance retail execution capabilities and overcome prevailing challenges in product placement and pricing strategies.

Key initiatives

By integrating Ailet's solution, which includes access to raw price data, the company has significantly upgraded its sales operations. Key performance indicators such as on-shelf product availability and share of shelf are now meticulously monitored. This data-driven approach has enabled the company to verify compliance with product assortment standards and evaluate its competitive positioning across stores. The ability to systematically assess whether their products are adequately represented on shelves has led to more informed decision-making and optimized sales strategies.

Furthermore, the trade marketing team has reaped substantial benefits from having access to accurate, real-time on-shelf data, complemented by advanced image recognition technology. This technology has not only streamlined the commercial process but also enhanced the accuracy of inventory and display checks, ensuring that marketing strategies are effectively translated into retail execution.


This holistic enhancement in retail operations has strengthened the company’s market leadership in the highly competitive spirits industry, ensuring their premium beverages are prominently and correctly displayed in stores across Europe.