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Retail Day: A successful first impression

One of the most important weeks of the year for the Retail Industry in Latin America took place in Buenos Aires on the 9th of August. Hundreds of Retailers, Manufacturers, brands and agencies of the industry gathered at the annual Retail Day 2022 Exhibition, which has been held for 20 years and is one of the largest for Retail in LATAM.

Ailet joined the leading players in the FCMC industry representing our solutions for the point-of-sale (POS) inventory process automation and extensive BI analytical dashboards. With a live demonstration, visitors tried out the Ailet app in action and witnessed the speed, scope and scale of Image Recognition technology, enabling store data to be gathered, analyzed and transmitted to management in the offices within 20 seconds.

Since being a relatively new approach to store data collection for LATAM, our main objective of making this technology known was more than fulfilled. It represented a challenge and a great opportunity to empower development and innovation in the retail industry in general.
Today, we are participating in the second event of the year in LATAM (APAS being the first), and we have greatly exceeded our expectations. We are happy to move forward with new projects and expand our team as we look to take the industry to the next level.

The interest, curiosity and willingness of the brands to further strengthen their Trade Marketing, Category Management and Sales teams led to extensive conversations with many consultations, shared interests and meetings closings for the coming weeks. It was an extraordinary opportunity and a successful first impression for our company in the region.
 Some of the main factors that made an impact on the company representatives were:
  • The simplicity of the application when using it
  • The speed of receiving processed data of the products on the shelf
  • The extensive information they can receive with just a few photos of the shelves
  • The way the "Ailet" solution helps the field staff to perform their activities effectively, quickly and accurately, enhancing and not replacing the human factor;
  • The reception of useful information for different areas of the company (Trade, Sales, HR, Marketing, among others) through dashboards that can be parameterised according to the needs of each client.

We are inspired by the development and the results of the event, and extremely grateful to all the companies that accompanied us, to the team that coordinated the event and to the Ailet team for carrying out this presentation.We would like to express our gratitude to one of our most important clients in the region, Nestlé, who collaborated with products for us to carry out the DEMO during the event.