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Palmira Business Club conference

On May 19, 2021, in the Palmira Business Club conference hall, Ailet took part in an event for Retail and FMCG representatives.

The event was organized by our partner Leader Team and was dedicated to the digitalization of merchandising processes. Participants discussed ways of increasing business efficiency and increasing sales in retail outlets through the introduction of innovative technologies. 

The event was opened by Ilya Zyabko, Head of Merchandising Department, Leader Team. In his welcoming speech Ilya outlined the importance of using technological solutions to increase business competitiveness and also emphasized that it is not so much the volume of data that is important, but the speed of their appearance for operational analysis and making more effective business decisions and instant actions.

Svetlana Bobrova, Head of Business Development, NielsenIQ Russia, spoke about the current dynamics of the FMCG market and changes in structure of global retail. At the current moment, the market is undergoing another transformation. Today, market prioritizes digitalization: most companies are implementing changes in the corporate culture, redesign operational processes for greater flexibility and speed and implementing data management systems.

Evgeny Mataev, Head of Business Development, Ailet Global, presented our solution and told the participants about the existing projects of the company. Evgeny presented an image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence, which allows to reduce labor costs and the cost of monitoring the implementation of merchandising standards, and also talked about the joint experience of using technologies with Leader Team clients.

Evgeny Mataev presents

"Currently, the technology is in demand not only among large transnational companies but also among representatives of medium-sized businesses, and it is right at the junction of modern trends in retail - digital transformation, the use of innovative technologies to optimize business processes and take into account a larger number of shelf insights", - commented Evgeny Mataev.

In the second part of the event Evgeny held a visual demonstration of the main capabilities of Ailet solution and answered the questions from Retail and FMCG representatives, confirming once again the relevance of the solution to the market.

The event was organized by the Leader Team and was held at Palmira Business Club. The event confirmed that the “new normal” offers companies new opportunities and solutions, and partners - to think about new trends in retail industry, modern technologies to increase sales in retail outlets, smart merchandising and solutions to improve the efficiency of field workers.

Presentation from event