Danone recommends Intelligence Retail
(now Ailet) as a provider of on-shelf product recognition services
MOSCOW - March 31, 2018
The cost per audit per store
reduced by 20%
Stores connected
to the service
Instant Online
Market research: Fifth largest company of its kind in the world
Company size:
13,000 employees
Nuremberg, Germany
In more than 100 countries
GfK required specific ERP expertise in each country.
Professional, worldwide 24/7 Application Management Services provided by the itelligence experts.
Freed up resources for GfK's core business, saved money, and improved process quality.
Based on these results, we recommend Intelligence Retail as a provider of on- shelf product recognition services. We are satisfied with the results of cooperation with Ailet and we thank the participants of the joint project for the work done.
Pascu Adrian Valentin
VP Sales Danone Russia

Following our mission and the commitment to the idea of unity of business success and social progress, we aim to create a healthy future through improvement of public health, increase of living standards and world development - in the best interests of all stakeholders: 100 000 employees, consumers, customers, providers, shareholders and communities that the company cooperates with.

The company runs business in more than 130 countries around the world. Danone's brand portfolio includes international brands (Activia, Actimel, Danette, Danonino, Danio, Evian, Volvic, Nutrilon / Aptamil, Nutricia), as well as local brands (Oikos, Prostokvashino, Aqua, Bonafont, Mizone, Bledina, Cow and Gate).

Danone owns 16 enterprises in Russia, with around 10 000 employees.The scope of business includes 4 directions: dairy products, baby food, special nutrition and bottled water.

Intelligence Retail is a professional in the field of Image Recognition and Retail Analytics. The company is resident of Skolkovo since 2016, the winner of several awards and grants in this field. The company has participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Intelligence Retail provides the automated service of shelf merchandise recognition and on-line comprehensive analytical data from sales locations. Services of Intelligence Retail allow to measure the on-shelf availability, compliance with the standards of the layout, the share of shelf, etc.

In June 2017 Danone Group Russia and Intelligence Retail singed the agreement about the pilot implementation of Intelligence Retail solution. The purpose of the agreement was to analyze the quality of recognition of dairy products using Image Recognition technology and to assess the opportunities to shorten the time for audit of sales points by field staff.

The following objectives were set for successful pilot implementation

  1. Shortening the time for audit (getting a report on the product layout on the mobile phone takes not more than 20 seconds for 1 section);
  2. Quality of recognition of Danone products (dairy) - at least 95%.
As part of the pilot project, the system was trained to recognize over 400 Danone SKUs, the solution was implemented with the involvement of a pilot group of field employees (merchandisers, sales representatives, using the solution on iOS and Android platforms and the analytical web portal, in the Moscow Region). The system preparation took 1 month (June 2017), the trial operation took 1 month (July 2017), and then the period of operation started (August 2017).

Within the period of operational use, the following results were achieved:

  1. The recognition and preparation of the layout report on mobile phone, on average, took not more than 30 seconds per one section
  2. The accuracy of recognition of Danone product assortment was:
  • recognition at the level of individual SKU facings, 93.7%
  • recognition of the on-shelf availability (OSA), 97.1%
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The mission of Danone company as one of the leading food producers in the world is to bring health through food to as many people as possible.
The business of the Company includes 4 directions: fresh dairy products, child nutrition, bottled water and special nutrition.