Shelf Sense

Your ultimate toolbox to deliver data-driven product placement, boost brand recognition and drive sales
A complex solution to bring assurance in your product alignment with precision of Image Recognition technology
Eliminate complications in your placement strategy compliance and focus on what maximizes your company's profitability and offers clarity to your filed-force team's operations

  • Presence of best selling products on the eye-level
  • Order and Facings on the shelf
  • Grouping in a block
Purpose of this solution

  • Promo execution at the Point of Sale
  • Realogram/Planogram compliance
with retailers
High accuracy data to gain bargaining power in shelf space negotiations

Detect & Analyze
  • Full visibility of what is happening on your shelf
  • Provide real-time actions to shelf alignment adjustments for field teams

Refine placement strategy
• Gain competitive advantage
• Address the challenges with data-based proactive decisions
Benefits from solution
  • Extensive Insights
    Real-time analytics reporting of what is happening on your shelf, standard or tailored to your specifications. Filtering data to the to the required level by retailer, product line, product, category

  • Efficient field-force
    Eliminating human error, minimizing time spent on store audit, cutting operational costs and improving the performance of your team. Ensuring correct alignment of SKUs through timely recommendations for shelf lay-out adjustments
  • Automation
    Monitoring of planogram compliance, brand block and eye level metrics makes sure your product is at it's best possible position for customers to purchase