Mastering the art of Retail Execution

Bring the brand strategy to life in-store and increase sales.
Convert experience data into smart benchmark for follow-up actions
We are here to help you enhance profitable growth and achieve your most ambitious goals
Step into the future with AI-based solution and data-driven approach for consistent and reliable Retail Execution. Automate in-store activities and gather powerful insights to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction.
Better Retail execution starts with better data
Solution with Image Recognition technology and deep-learning algorithms allows collecting real-time data on crucial metrics:

  • OSA by brand and category
  • SOS
  • Promo
  • availability of POSm
  • competitors' products and much more

Tailored KPIs ensure clear and coordinated guidelines during store visits for all field force members, shifting focus onto business's most vital activities.

Results exceeding expectations

Higher data accuracy
Obtain higher accuracy data followed by straightforward and easy to use results.
Instant online results
Less than 10 seconds - that's how long it takes to receive all the necessary information about the products in store. All it takes is just a photo of the shelf
Achieve more in less time
Reducing time spent in stores by up to 30-40 % per visit
Calculating KPIs in seconds
Optimized processes
Leaving routine toil and repetitive work to the machinery and enjoy the fruits of informed, engaged and collaborative business divisions
More data based decisions
Facilitates timely data-driven decisions by management, based on real-time shelf data
Win more at shelf
Сontrol all placement indicators and drive sales

Having shelves that are well-organized, and appealing to the buyer can be the key factor in how much customers spend and if they add additional items to their purchase.

You are a photo away from controlling:
  • POS and number of shelves your product is placed at
  • the presence of brand blocks
  • location at eye level
  • presence of POSm

You are an instant report away from:
  • Assessing your location & retailers compliance with contract terms and brand/category management recommendations.

Let all impulse purchases stay with your brand.
Perfect store
"Work smarter, not harder”

Based on the Perfect Store concept developed by Unilever and Bain, Ailet offers solutions for continuous performance improvement and maximises human potential.

Get full control of the shelf with flexible system settings and monitor metrics like OSA, SOS, Price Range, Brand Block and others. Set up tailored KPIs per store or store segment.

Leverage insights from Ailet to coach, collaborate, and celebrate the work of your field teams in real-time

Scoring system will highlight the success areas of your team and point out where there is potential for growth. Adjust the KPIs based on the insights you get.
Don't let scattered data slow you down. Let technology step in and make things easier

Built-in BI tools offer convenient, real-time analytics for:
  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Control of Trade and Consumer Promotion
  • Assortment optimization
  • Price monitoring
  • SFE monitoring
You don't need to contact analysts and wait for their their appraisal anymore. Our simple and smart BI will make your daily routine easier.

Stop making assumptions and start making good decisions based on real-time "snapshot of the stores"
Ailet uses own advanced image-recognition technology and deep-learning algorithms to digitise the shelf activity and maximise store efficiency

Getting insights from Big Data

Sales representative, Supervisor, Auditor
Supervisor, Auditor, Data Manager, Category Manager, Sales Manager
Auditor, Category Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing, C-level manager