Price Execution

Ensuring pricing policies compliance with IR-powered centralized pricing management

Key Benefits

Centralized pricing management

Correct prices throughout the retail chain

Efficient price execution process

Increased customer retention

Improve customer loyalty and eliminate missing or incorrect price tags in your stores with real-time price check

IR-powered price execution: how does it work?

Price execution

For your in-store teams

No need to take a picture of each price tag separately

Just take a picture of the shelf and receive real-time alerts on missing price tags or price tag errors

For your supervisors & management teams

Review and analyze price execution data in real time

  • access price tags shelf placement with photo confirmations from stores
  • filter data by price tag errors, employee or store location with the highest pricing errors
  • create easily customizable reports

Set and control price execution tasks in store
in real time

  • assign price execution tasks for each store location, user
  • import plans for correct price tag shelf placement
  • ensure your in-store teams are focused on executing price specific tasks

Find out how to improve price execution process

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Enable centralized pricing management and improve price execution process at retail scale

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