A set of solutions that increase sales and make the store a "dream"

Achieve operational efficiency and customers satisfaction through defined KPI's and board room level dashboards to get a real-time indication of the store performance across the business

Key Issues


Unsatisfied Retailers

Due to Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate stock levels are a common and costly challenge that almost every retailer has faced at some point. 75% of retailers said the most frequent cause of an inventory issue was from human error and manual processes.


Manual or Semi Manual

Data Collection

More than 80% of retail is still collecting data and performing audits using manuel or semi-manual process. Level of penetration of image recognition technology is still low and varies country to country. But it is clear that those who do use IR are already reaping the benefits.

Brand block
BI analytics
Golden shelf

Perfect Algoritm

Ailet provides a solution that brings together tools to define a process that can achieve a ‘Perfect Store'.

It helps to track your Perfect Store growth goals using a wide range of metrics that are automatically calculated based on photos.


Back Office: Setting tasks for visits by segments


Sales Rep: Completing required tasks based on KPIs


Agregating collected information


Automatic calculation of results online


Analysis and visit adjustments to achieve a better result


Analysis and KPI adjustments to achieve a required in store results

Identify which sales reps and retail locations are falling behind expectations.

Use Ailet solution and photo-based data to monitor progress over time. For instance:

- Different set of Perfect Store KPIs by segments, regions, sales location types, etc
- A wide range of auto recognised metrics:

• OSA (MSL, stock, etc.)
• Shelf placement (SOS, Eye-level, planogram, brand block)
• Price control
• Promo activity
• etc..

- Possibility of manual questioning

Why Focus on Ailet Execution?

Solution helps consumers find the right products in the right location, with products presented in the best possible way to influence their’s buying behaviour.


    Intermediate control and reporting on each KPI, reducing decision-making time.


    Improving the quality of work in the in-Store, thereby increasing each of the key indicators by 3-5%.


    Difficulties solved when working with Ailet in-Store Execution - outlets have different facilities and layout metrics have different effects on shelf performance.


    Due to limited merchandiser resources, using the solution helps to free up them and allocate to more important tasks.