Perfect AI solution for
the Perfect Store

Clarity of process & execution
Ailet's ecosystem gives you an effective solution to reduce the distance between strategy and execution, leading field employees to new goals and optimizing key in-store levers.

Delivering real-time actionable insights and allowing reps to take corrective actions at the shelf to drive Perfect Store execution with Ailet Image Recognition Solution.

To achieve perfect execution, relying solely on store audit is not enough, you need an innovative system to support your strategies and qualified actions at the point of sale.

Follow the success. Check your current position, set strategy goals, monitor it with IR and achieve your picture of success.
Maximise store
Allocating your field-force resources according to the potential of the Point of Sale
Get extensive store insights
Attention to details. Receive a unified approach to achieving & sustaining POS performance at a desired level. Set the goals, provide transparent insights to management
Improve shopping experience
Enhance shopping experience with flawless in-store execution. Reduce decision-making time, make necessary adjustments while at the store
Improved performance indicators
Ensuring the strategy is executed at the highest level. Clear and trackable results, consistent and reliable improvements.

Ailet Perfect Store helps you achieve excellence in executing shelf share, display layout, assortment and other brand and company goals through a strategic approach to KPIs, continuous measurement of performance.
Perfect Stores dashboard

  • visual representaion of the stores that have met the KPI requirements

  • comparing the results of metric compliance of all the POS

  • Evaluate the potential of the Point of Sale


Back Office: Setting tasks for visits by segments


Sales Rep: Completing required tasks based on KPIs


Agregating collected information


Automatic calculation of results online


Analysis and visit adjustments to achieve a better result


Analysis and KPI adjustments to achieve a required in store results

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