Artificial Intelligence in pharmacy: Are you ready?

AI presents an ocean of untapped opportunities for transforming the pharmaceutical business. Big Big Data collected with Computer Vision, along with AI-powered analytics, brings a radical shift to the innovation paradigm of execution processes and sales.

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Everyday pharmacy issues:
Manual data
Lack of medication
on the shelf
Loss of customer loyalty and sales
Even when armed with digital tools, pharmacies still use manual data collection to check the primary and secondary shelf display, visible OOS, and SKU pricing. This inevitably leads to a lack of medication on the shelf, which leads to loss of customer loyalty and sales
How Ailet improves customer loyalty and boosts sales
Powered with Ailet's artificial intelligence-based image recognition technology, sales representatives can visit pharmacies and digitize all information about products, prices, promotions, and shelf placement simply by taking photos of the shelves, with maximum efficiency
Price monitoring
& Execution
Share of shelf
in categories
SKU on shelf availability / MSL

Ailet provides a solution that brings together the tools for a process capable of achieving the "Perfect Pharma"

High expertise
Successful customer stories in 25 countries have enabled us to build a solution that can easily adapt to the specifics of a region, and increase customer and employee loyalty

AI importance
Photo recognition with AI technology provides instant data for audits of medical representatives and greatly improves the quality of the pharmacy shelf

Reliable data
The system already recognizes more than 10 000 medicines with high accuracy and is constantly being trained

Process efficiency
Improving the quality of work in the pharmacy, thereby increasing each of the key indicators by 3-5%
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Embedded BI
Data is detailed in the context of countries, pharmacy chains, teams, visits, SKU

Flexible Integration
API’s for integrations into own BI and ERP systems

Ready-To-Go solution
Over 20 pre-tuned dashboards for monitoring and managing KPIs

Full control
Achieving full control of key aspects of operation efficiency. Approaching the Perfect Pharmacy
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The pharmacy continues to face challenges, and how it contributes value to the overall healthcare industry will determine its ongoing success. A key component in this may turn out to be the effective use of technology, specifically artificial intelligence
Thanks to Ailet’s AI-based image recognition technology, audit teams will be able to start work much more efficiently, both in terms of controls completed and time spent
  • Less manual work
    Your representatives will no longer have to manually collect data on prices, products, promotions, placing, brand blocks, and much more besides. The old approach involves inefficient time usage and a higher number of mistakes
  • Just take a photo instead
    All your representatives have to do now is to take a photo and Ailet Solution does the rest
  • Reporting in seconds
    In just a few seconds a detailed report will appear in the app with all the required information about the shelf. Your representative will be able to immediately see the information in terms of the plan and fact for each KPI he/she has to achieve
  • Reduce human error
    The data obtained will be more accurate, as automation eliminates the possibility of human error
Customers will be able to find the right products quicker
Employees will have more time to make more visits
Manufacturers will enjoy an increase in both customer and employee loyalty and sales
By applying Ailet Solution, field workers can achieve better conditions on pharmacy shelves. All this leads to the following:
Ailet & Veeva
Ailet is one of Veeva certified partners.
The integration of Ailet Image Recognition and Veeva CRM is a combination of technologies that gives the best results in the pharmaceutical sector.
Watch the video of how the Veeva solution powered with Ailet AI technology achieves the Perfect Pharmacy