"Perfect Merch"
One step ahead
of Perfect Store

Based on real time cases, explore how Image Recognition technology provides actionable real-time insights and empowers field teams to take corrective actions at the shelf and achieve Perfect Store execution
Webinar agenda:

1. Excellent Retail Field Team equipped with Artificial Intelligence - "Perfect Merch"
Taking instant actions with real-time KPI results and maximizing scores of your teams and points of sale.
  • Goals and areas to focus on when achieving "Perfect Merch"
  • How can Ailet increase product sales and deliver instant product success?

2. 4 steps to elevate your team's performance
  • Goal: how to evaluate retail success?
  • Plan: the principles behind the Perfect Merch goal and its impact on the Perfect Store
  • Setup: what are the KPIs to consider in the scoring system?
  • Evaluation: actual results according to set goals and criteria

3. Why us?
  • Successful cases from our clients and partners
  • Global experience – Local execution
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Ertugrul Elmastas
Ailet Turkey