Artificial Intelligence in pharmacy: Are you ready?

AI presents an ocean of untapped opportunities for transforming the pharmaceutical business. Big Big Data collected with Computer Vision, along with AI-powered analytics, brings a radical shift to the innovation paradigm of execution processes and sales.

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Everyday pharmacy issues:
Manual data
Lack of medication
on the shelf
Loss of customer loyalty and sales
Ailet Perfect Pharma Solution feaures full-capability tools to help you optimize operational efficiency, minimize scurpulous manual work while increasing quality and quantity of the obtained data.
Powered with Ailet's artificial intelligence-based image recognition technology, sales representatives can visit pharmacies and digitize all information about products, prices, promotions, and shelf placement simply by taking photos of the shelves, with maximum efficiency
Increase Return on ivetment, while eliminating guesswork and achieving complete visibility of your shelves with Image Recognition Solution (from Ailet)
Optimize day-to-day processes at your pharmacy locations and improve your teams performance with an innovative approach to defining and tracking Key Performance Indicators for your employees.
Maximise store
Allocating your field-force resources according to the potential of the pharmacy
Get extensive store insights
Attention to details. Receive a unified approach to achieving & sustaining pharmacy performance at a desired level. Set the goals, provide transparent insights to management
Improve shopping experience
Enhance shopping experience with flawless in-store execution. Reduce decision-making time, make necessary adjustments while at the store
Improved performance indicators
Ensuring the strategy is executed at the highest level. Clear and trackable results, consistent and reliable improvements.
Process optimization
Your representatives will no longer have to manually collect data on prices, products, promotions, placing, brand blocks, and much more besides. The old approach involves inefficient time usage and a higher number of mistakes
Data- driven strategy
Eleveating the quality and accuracy of obtained data, as automation eliminates the possibility of human error
Instant online results
Receive instant visit analytics based on current shelf data, detailed to your specifications.
Carry out plan/actual KPI analysis while at the store.
Full control
Achieving full control of key aspects of operation efficiency. Approaching the Perfect Pharmacy

Successful stories have enabled us to build an easily-adaptable solution that can easily adapt to the specifics of a region and clients needs
Management optimization

Automated data collection and KPI calculation. Monitoring results through web interface and receiving BI-based results. Increase your management efficiency
Pre-tuned medicine database

The system already recognizes more than 10 000 medicines with high accuracy and is constantly being trained
Embedded BI dashboards for Pharma

Over 20 pre-tuned dashboards for monitoring and managing KPIs
Ailet & Veeva
Ailet is one of Veeva certified partners.
The integration of Ailet Image Recognition and Veeva CRM is a combination of technologies that gives the best results in the pharmaceutical sector.
Watch the video of how the Veeva solution powered with Ailet AI technology achieves the Perfect Pharmacy