Intelligence Retail turns to IBM to introduce real time store audit analytics for its customers

Intelligence Retail, a developer of real time analytics solutions for consumer packaged goods companies and retailers, turned to IBM (NYSE: IBM) to enhance its main offering and allow its customers to take advantage of tracking the key store audit indicators in real time.

A special new analytical module of the Intelligence Retail solution, based on the embedded IBM Watson Analytics technologies, is designed to help effectively track the key indicators of retail audit by real-time processing big data, such as: availability of goods on the shelf, shelf share, prices, promotions, etc. Faster and better analytics may assist the customers in making decisions on sales planning per channel and region. 

The use of analytical tools in the retail industry is expanding and digitally transforming the merchandising process. The Intelligence Retail solution allows to turn store shelves' images into a powerful source of audit data, while the embedded IBM Watson Analytics technologies will bring new functionality of valuable insights and recommendations for the sales process from such data. 

"The Intelligence Retail's solution processes over 1 million photos per month, which is equivalent to 500 million lines of a structured database of retail audit results. Embedding IBM Watson Analytics into solution will help visualize the big data for our customers and turn it into a powerful tool for making effective decisions and increasing sales," said Maxim Morozov, Director General of Intelligence Retail. 

Intelligence Retail is an innovative company, a developer of solutions that help manufacturers and retailers, effectively monitor the standards of laying products on the shelf using computer vision technology. Intelligence Retail is a resident of the IT cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation.