Technology and Innovation in Retail Pharma: Ailet Stands Out in GC Líderes Brazil Event

The event united industry leaders and retailers, fostering the exchange of notable cases, effective strategies, and the latest technological innovations within the pharmaceutical retail sector.


São Paulo, November 30, 2023

The GC Líderes Brasil event represented a pivotal moment for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. At the event, Retail Farma Brasil introduced an innovative approach, delving into the professional's impact on crucial areas like market intelligence, purchasing, pricing, and merchandising.

231130_Luiz Fonseca3

Luiz Fonseca, Business Development Manager, shared information about the successful case.

A notable moment at the event was Luiz Fonseca de Ailet's presentation on the flawless execution of Planograms in the pharmaceutical sector. He shared a success story illustrating how AI-backed image recognition streamlines audits, reducing their duration from hours to minutes. Highlighting remarkable growth, the stores increased from 1,000 to 27,000, and SKUs surged from 20,000 to 50,000, all made possible by Ailet technology. Audits, once averaging an hour, were efficiently slashed to a mere 15 minutes.


The event not only offered a holistic perspective on the pivotal role of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry but also showcased successful strategies, emerging trends, and innovative practices. Collaborative discussions between industry experts and retailers focused on enhancing efficiency and profitability. The synergy of strategic insights and detailed analysis underscored the crucial role of GC professionals in crafting successful Sell Out strategies and driving profitability in the pharmaceutical market.

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