Ailet in Retail Pharma Retail: Insights from "The Pharmacy of the Present" Workshop

Luiz Fonseca showcased AI's impact, achieving 20% audit cost reduction and 97% product recognition for a major food company.

The workshop "The Pharmacy of the Present" (A Farmácia do Presente), held in Brazil, gathered around 300 attendees to discuss innovative strategies for engaging shoppers throughout the entire Pre-sale, Sale, and Post-sale journey in the Pharma Channel using advanced technology.

One of the key highlights was the presentation by Luiz Fonseca, Mercosur Business Development Manager at Ailet. He shared a compelling success case showcasing how AI helped one of the world's largest food companies enhance their retail operations. Fonseca illustrated the significant impact of AI on operational efficiency, revealing a 20% reduction in audit costs across 800 stores. Furthermore, AI-driven image recognition achieved an impressive 97% accuracy in product recognition, a substantial improvement over the 65% accuracy rate of manual methods.

The workshop, organized by Retail Farma Brasil, aimed to provide a comprehensive corporate education program focused on pharmaceutical retail. It covered all aspects of channel management, emphasizing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing retail operations. Attendees left with valuable insights and practical tools to make more strategic and effective business decisions, boosting fundamental aspects of management in the pharmaceutical retail sector.

Click here to watch the complete workshop.

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