Nestle powers up store audit teams

Nestlé Argentina has finally a viable option to adopt AI on a large scale.
Now Nestlé Argentina with Ailet gives their merchandisers force the possibility to audit price and product visibility in every visit into store.

- The cost per audit per store / per SKU was reduced by at least 20%
- Instant stats in online dashboard
- 800 stores

After pilot project, the results exceeded by far the minimum target of 90%, surpassing constantly the 95% product recognition threshold.
Even more, instead of receiving weekly price reports from third parties, now in the same minute of the store visit, the promoters and Nestlé management has access to Ailet dashboard. Ailet provides a convenient dashboard solution accessible through their portal with reliable and accurate data. Now that the all SKUs are recognised all the Nestlé own and distributors salesforce will have the possibility of using this functionality.

As Ailet, we are proud to cooperate with Nestlé Argentina, the leading company in FMCG market. We hope our new cooperation will be auspicious and we wish to achieve new successes together.

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