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New opportunities from computer vision monitoring of shelves and stores 
Existing Case Studies and Market Insights
As CPG's and Retailers look to achieve more efficient, flexible and unified customer experience, the shelf has become increasingly important. Based on real time cases, explore how Image Recognition technology and BI analytics bring companies a clear picture of shelf and retail store operations.
At this event, we will share our experiences with you, where we will talk about all the capabilities of current technologies to better serve consumers and make retail operations more profitable and efficient.

- Commercial area Sales and Leadership Directors
- Sales and merchandising team leaders
- Category Management, Market Intelligence Officers
- IT department managers

2nd December 2021
17.00 (UTC-05:00) - 18:00 (9:00 EST- 10:00 EST)

1. IAI in Retail. Computer vision insights into what's happening on the shelf. Real use-cases.
- IR market today. How computer vision and AI helps to improve Retail Execution of CPGs and Retailers;
- Challenges faced in understanding what’s happening on the shelf.

2. Become competitive and efficient in Perfect Store Execution. Talking through Solutions.
- Understand: How is my Perfect Store strategy being executed in the market;
- Plan: Understanding the principals behind Perfect Store execution;
- Set: What are the critical elements (KPI's) to consider when scoring my Perfect Store? How to collect the required Data;
- Evaluate: Understand in real time the state of the store in the context of certain sections.

3. Leverage Image Recognition technology to excel Retail Execution. Real use-cases.
- Why manual shelf audit and reporting is inefficient. How the traditional agency model for merchandising is riddled with inefficiency and sunk cost;
- In-house use of technology for automating own field force (SFA solution);
- BI analytics in practise. Helps to perfect your Perfect Store strategy and drive store profits.

A link to connect to the webinar will be emailed to registered users a few days before the event starts. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The webinar is free. To participate, you must fill in the registration form.

Ailet has a presence in the markets of Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, Turkey and the Middle East. Ailet's references include solutions for food retailers, including Fortune 1000 brands and global market leaders.

We offer customized, data-driven digital merchandising solutions that reduce retail audit costs and increase sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

Leveraging our deep expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence, our solutions help consumer goods companies improve their retail execution and unlock revenue opportunities with innovative market measurement services.
Ailet solutions help to drive targeted actions at SKU, brand, and category level, while improving sales effectiveness.

Take advantage of our market experience and guidance from our successful projects that helped to shape the vision of Retail Execution.
Solutions that support each business along with each business requirements.

Ailet has built up its presence through partners and project teams in target markets Europe, Brazil & Latin America, Turkey & Middle East. Ailet' credentials include solutions for Fortune 1000 brands and grocery retailers, including global market leaders.