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Improve Planogram Compliance with computer vision and AI

Series of expert events from Ailet

Planogram compliance. Boosting revenue with strategic product placement.

Video of Workshop (in Turkish)

Prevailing advantages of automating in-store operations is becoming favored by many successful Retail companies and CPG manufacturers. Leveraging AI-based solutions for planogram compliance is delivering optimization in day-to-day processes, improving customer experience and as a result - driving sales.

Join our expert in Image Recognition and Planogram Compliance as he shares insights on:

1. Why you need ”Placement Execution” to reach Perfect Store
- IR market today. How computer vision and AI helps to improve the retail execution of CPG and Retail companies;
- Challenges faced in understanding what’s happening on the shelf.

2. How to become competitive and efficient in Placement Execution. Planogram compliance
- Understand: Stay competitive by optimizing planogram design. Drive display success in store;
- Set: Provide real-time alerts to store staff to fix gaps on shelf and address price, promotion and planogram compliance;
- Run: Understand how correct actions, ensure greater planogram compliance and more efficient store operations.

3. What KPIs and BI Analytics shows about the issues. Real time case examples
- Why manual shelf audit and reporting is inefficient;
- How the traditional agency model for merchandising can be improved. Looking at efficiency and costs;
- BI analytics in practise. Helps to perfect your Placement Execution strategy and drive profits.

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Ertugrul Elmastas
Ailet Turkey
Our mission and key objective is to deliver sales efficiencies through outstanding innovation, products and practices. Our tool automatically calculates each metric in real-time based on images of the products on the shelves, allowing your sales force to focus on execution.
Ailet CPO & Founder