Coca Cola Andina improves audit efficiency by 50%
each store visit

Coca Cola Andina was carrying out 3000 store visits on average per month, with large amount of data to be processed, organized and analyzed. This process required time and quality optimization, as much as an innovative approach to gathering in-store data in a cost and time-efficient manner.


Taking into account Ailet global expertise and developed skills from previous projects, we were able to offer the company a best suited solution, 100% adapted to its local needs.

Leveraging Price Monitoring and Retail Basic solutions Coca Cola Andina is now able able to:
  • set clear and straightforward tasks and guidelines for data collection to field-force teams
  • ensure execution of set standards for pricing and promotion


Coca Cola Andina uses Ailet's Solutions to:
  • reduce time spent on each store visit and increase the number of POS covered in less time
  • increase inventory process efficiency by 50%
  • receive high quality, real-time store data and instant, transparent analytics of vital metrics